The Jimmy Kimmel vs Matt Damon ‘Feud’ Is Reignited After Jimmy Trolls Matt

Matt Damon, Jimmy Kimmel, and Ben Affleck

Jimmy Kimmel Live

The Jimmy Kimmel vs Matt Damon feud has been reignited. This came after Matt Damon made a brief appearance, via Zoom, on Jimmy Kimmel Live at the behest of Ben Affleck.

Ben was Jimmy’s featured guest for the night. They discussed ‘Resting Ben Face’ and there’s more on that below.

Affleck, who is best friends with Matt Damon and close friends with Jimmy Kimmel, convinced Jimmy to call Matt on the show. Things quickly went off the rails and it culminated with Damon chewing Jimmy out.

Of course, it’s mostly acting. They don’t actually hate each other. But, they really do relish trolling one another throughout the years and they’ve come to cherish the feud.

Their so-called ‘beef’ has ignited some incredible creativity throughout the years. For the inaugural Jimmy Kimmel LA Bowl, he placed stickers of Matt Damon’s face in the men’s bathrooms.

Prior to that, Tom Brady and Jimmy Kimmel showed up at Matt Damon’s house to throw stuff through Matt’s windows.

Prior to THAT, Matt Damon dressed up as Tom Brady and snuck onto Kimmel’s TV set.

It’s the best fake feud in Hollywood and has been for years. But Matt Damon’s latest appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live was only a small portion of Ben Affleck‘s segment.

During the segment, Ben Affleck described his ‘resting Ben face’. Ben’s sad face, or bored face, has been the center of millions of memes throughout the years, often with him holding a cup of Dunkin’s.

Kimmel said to Affleck, “you weren’t quite as psyched about the party as everybody else was” while referring to a Christmas party.

Ben started laughing maniacally before responding “that’s a common misconception about me.” Adding that he has a “very unhappy looking resting face.” Affleck then shows off his various ‘faces’ to illustrate his point.

For the uninitiated, here’s Ben Affleck responding to Sad Ben Affleck:

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