Joseph Gordon-Levitt hung out with a very annoying muppet on Sesame Street

Joseph Gordon-Levitt taught kids about the word “reinforce” on an episode of Sesame Street. Mildly noteworthy. More noteworthy? He is hanging out with the most annoying muppet in the world that I’ve never seen before but I sincerely hope dies in a muppet fire.

I feel like this Murray character is whom they’re using to fill in for Elmo…this seems like a vintage Elmo sketch. I get that the Elmo voice/puppeteer had some problems with banging out younger guys and getting extorted by them, but that seems like a small price to pay to not have to see this disheveled Murray asshole trying to act zany in a sketch. I’ll offer up my first born son who’s into giving clandestine handy j’s to creepy older men if it means getting Elmo back on Sesame Street and Murray back on the muppet unemployment line. Let’s make it happen, Sesame Workshop. (via Vulture)