Kevin Feige Says The MCU Could Make More Films That Explore The ‘Past And Future’ Of Their Characters

black widow

Marvel Studios

  • Black Widow explores a specific moment in Natasha Romanoff’s life.
  • Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige says it’s possible the MCU makes more movies like this.
  • Black Widow hits theaters and Disney+ Premier Access on Friday, July 9.

With the Marvel Cinematic Universe now entering their multiversal era, the storytelling possibilities are as limitless as ever, as the very nature of the multiverse allows the MCU to not only explore different versions of the same character but different moments in time. Black Widow could be the first example of such a film, as it’s exploring a contained moment of Natasha Romanoff’s life that has no impact on the future of the franchise at large, which represents something of a first for the MCU.

During the press conference for Black Widow, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige was asked if the formula used in this film — looking back at a specific moment in time in a hero’s life — could be applied to other characters. Feige’s response indicated that the MCU could make further films that explores the “past, present, and future” of its characters:

“This film and this story is a particular case for Natasha,” Feige said of Black Widow. But the notion of exploring the past, present, and future of the MCU is certainly in the cards for all of our characters. This particular story with this particular cast is very personal and very specific to Natasha.”

Black Widow, directed by Cate Shortland, stars Scarlett Johansson, David Harbour, Florence Pugh, Rachel Weisz, O-T Fagbenle, William Hurt, Ray Winstone, and Olivier Richters. The film, the first entry in the MCU’s Phase Four, will hit theaters and Disney+ Premier Access for $29.99 on Friday, July 9.

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