Kevin Love Had The Perfect Response When Katie Nolan Told Him She Gets A Lot Of Eggplant Emojis

Kevin Love Katie Nolan Eggplant Emojis

YouTube - ESPN

Katie Nolan, formerly of Fox Sports 1 (and one of my co-workers before she became a big TV star), has moved over to the worldwide leader where she now hosts a show on ESPN+ called Always Late with Katie Nolan.

One of the segments she does on her new show is called “Loveline” where she and a guest answer questions from fans about their love lives.

The latest episode saw Cavaliers big man Kevin Love joining Nolan when the topic turned to sliding into DMs and whether it’s okay.

As Love was answering the question, Nolan got the feeling that he was one of those guys who used emojis to slide into other people’s DMs and so, naturally, she wanted to know which emojis he was using.

After some hemming and hawing, and Love really trying not to bring up the eggplant emoji, Nolan did, leading to her saying, “I just get a lot of eggplants in my DMs.”

To which Love replied, while trying his best to keep a straight face, “I’m sure you get the real eggplant once in awhile too.”

Nolan didn’t seem to notice, because her response was giving the crowd a thumbs-up and telling everyone that move never, ever works.

Kevin Love Katie Nolan Eggplant Emojis DMs

YouTube - ESPN

Love closed out the question by advising when it comes to sliding into DMs to not be threatening and don’t catch a case.

Words to live by right there.

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