Here’s Video Of 84-Year-Old Larry King Vaping And Choking On Cucumber-Flavored Vapors

by 1 year ago

Legendary television and radio host Larry King was born in Brooklyn, New York on November 19, 1933. A lot has changed since Larry was brought into this world, he grew up during the Great Depression, he was alive during World War II, he saw a man land on the moon, and he witnessed human innovation bring amazing inventions to life such as televisions, commercial aviation, computers, the internet, cell phones, and of course e-cigarettes. The 84-year-old King was not shy about giving this newfangled way of smoking a try but it did not go over well.

The prominent broadcaster was leaving the Craig’s, a Hollywood restaurant, on Wednesday night when a woman offered King a puff from her e-cig. The woman tells King that it is a cucumber-flavored and Larry is not one to back down from a challenge. So the former cable news host took a hit and he immediately started choking on the vapors. Doesn’t sound like cucumber-flavor or any flavor e-juice is going to be Larry King’s all-day vape.

Larry stopped smoking back in 1987 and it does not appear that vaping is going to restart his habit. On this day, Larry King learned that vaping is for the young.


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