Lindsay Lohan Tweeted At Trump To Meet Her In Asia And The Internet Has So Many Questions

lindsay lohan tweet trump meet asia

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I am starting to get a little concerned about our girl Lindsay Lohan. I mean more than the usual.

Sure, it was funny back in June when she tweeted a birthday party invite to Britney Spears and Paris Hilton and the internet had a good laugh.

And it was a little bit odd back in February when LiLo claimed to have been “racially profiled” at an airport.

But in July, Lohan inexplicably missed her own brother’s wedding and now the other day she sent out a tweet asking the President of the United States Donald Trump to meet with her since, you know, they’re both currently in Asia.

Ummm… Lindsay… Asia takes up 17.21 million square miles. It’s not like you’re both going to be in Hoboken or something and can grab a quick espresso together.

Also, what it with the #russia #putin hashtags? What on earth do they have to do with your meeting? Does she have a secret Russian dossier we don’t know about? The FBI needs to get on this stat.

Oh, and by the way, Trump, who doesn’t really even use the @POTUS account, is not planning on visiting Moscow on his current trip to Asia.

But hey, good try, good effort.

Maybe Lindsay just wanted to follow-up with Trump on the comments he made when she was 18 about “deeply trouble women” are “always the best in bed.”

Naturally, the internet, like me, has SO MANY QUESTIONS about Lohan’s tweet…

I’m with her.

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