Local TV Newscast Tries To Be Hip For The Kids, Produces The Most Cringe-Inducing News Segment Ever

You know how sometimes when you see something the only possible reaction you can have is, “No. Just… no.”? Yeah, well, get ready to feel that way.

WTOL-CBS Toledo news anchors Melissa Andrews and Tim Miller, plus weather reporter Chris Vickers and traffic reporter Steven Jackson, are about to enter the local news WTF Hall of Fame.

“I cannot believe this is my city’s news station…I cannot believe this is real,” wrote Twitter user G0NEGIRLLL.

Oh, it’s real all right. And it’s spectacular.

Check out the transcrip of this news segment before you watch it.

“Good morning, TPS students! It is testing week and it’s time to slay all day!”

“Yeet! Stay woke, be on fleek and get that Gucci breakfast.”

“Goo0als! Say ‘Bye, Felicia’ to that testing stress! Weather’s going to be turnt, right, Chris?”

“Yaaass! Toledo weather gonna be the lit during testing week! One hundo p chance of success. You’ve got this, kids! Steve, how bout that traffic? Are we looking Okurrr?”

“Better than Okurrr! We’re talking turnt! FOMO won’t be an issue! No traffic problems around any TPS schools to keep you from taking those tests!”

Lenny Wosniak has got NOTHING on these people. WATCH…

Reactions were… what you’d expect.



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