1 In 5 Male Car Owners Prefer Spending Time With Their Car Over Their Significant Other

Men love their cars. You don’t need a hoity-toity study to inform you of this obvious knowledge. But we have a study to give us some insight into how much men love their cars and trucks. Many men even prefer spending time with their car over being with their significant other. A new study from Vantage Leasing, which is a car rental company in the U.K., surveyed people on their site and found the strong bond between men and their cars.

The study found that 1 in 5 male car owners rather take a ride in their car or detail their car rather than spend time with their girlfriend or wife. Your car will never get mad at you for looking at a newer model car. Plus you can have as many cars as you want. Not to mention your car has a cup holder and you never have to go to brunch with your car’s friends. There are 12% of men who believe their partner is jealous of all the attention they give to their car. Also, 1 in 7 guys purposely wash their car or take a drive as an excuse to escape their family. Maybe because you never have to change your car’s diaper.

The survey also found that 1 in 8 male motorists have a pet name for their cars. Please don’t call your car the “Love Machine” or “The Shaggin’ Wagon.” Some of the more popular car nicknames were “Falcor,” “Pimp Mobile,” and “The Beast.”

Other interesting tidbits about men and their cars is that 37% of male drivers have had a conversation with their car when no one else was around. There are 22% of men who buy a car which they think is compatible with theirs. Of the cars’ personalities, 28% called it “confident,” 22% found their vehicle as “playful,” and 10% found their car having a “sexy” personality, which is kinda weird, to be honest. In an even more strange/borderline disturbing discovery, 13% of men have imagined what their car would look like in human form.