Man Charged With 31 Crimes After Firing An AK-47 At Cops In Dispute Over Wearing A Mask

Man Charged With 31 Crimes After Firing AK-47 Over Mask Dispute


We have seen some pretty radical (i.e. completely crazy) reactions by numerous people when they have been told they have to wear a mask over their nose and mouth to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

We have even seen people pull out a gun when faced with the dreaded reality of having to wear a mask in order to shop at Walmart.

However, we may have reached peak insanity when it comes to wearing a mask with this latest report about a dispute that occurred at a Cigars International store in Pennsylvania.

Check this out, via WSB-TV

Adam Michael Zaborowski, 35, of Slatington, is also charged in Lehigh County with seven counts of attempted homicide, seven counts of aggravated assault and possession of a firearm while prohibited, according to court records. He was arrested Saturday, the day after the incident at the cigar store, by Slatington police officers and Pennsylvania state troopers.

Zaborowski was shot by police after he opened fire on six state troopers and a Slatington police officer during a shootout near his home Saturday, according to the Express-Times in Easton. He was flown by helicopter to St. Luke’s University Hospital in Fountain Hill for treatment of wounds to his leg and buttocks.

Bro pulled out an AK-47 and ended up getting shot in the ass by police because he refused to wear a mask. He ended up having to be arraigned from a hospital bed!

He was also charged with 31 crimes across two different counties, including seven counts of attempted homicide, seven counts of attempted first-degree murder of a police officer, and seven counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. reports…

The clerk offered to deliver cigars to Zaborowski outside the store, but the man took two cigars and left without paying, [township police Chief Dan] Pancoast said. The clerk followed him to the parking lot to ask him to return to cigars, but Zaborowski pulled out a semiautomatic handgun and fired one shot in the air then two shots at the clerk, Pancoast said. Several store patrons were sitting outside smoking cigars as the shots were fired, but none was hit, Pancoast said.

Zaborowski’s attorney John Waldron told, “He just wasn’t dealing well with the loss of his job [due to the pandemic], the loss of [custody of] his child, just not handling the pandemic well. I think he was getting stretched too tight.”

Meanwhile… in Florida…

What a world.

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