‘Man of Steel 2’ Reportedly Not A Priority Right Now As The Studio Waits For J.J. Abrams


Warner Bros.

Just two weeks ago, we brought you the genuinely shocking news that Henry Cavill was in talks with Warner Bros. to return to the DCEU as Superman via a future cameo and/or post-credits scene. While nothing is official at this time, it’s still a stunning development considering how strained the relationship became during the filming and subsequent failure of Justice League. You know, the whole mustache thing.

Still, despite this, fans have generally agreed that Cavill is one of the few bright spots in the DCEU, and as a result, Warner Bros. now seems intent on bringing him back into the fold.

Don’t hold your breath for a Man of Steel sequel, though, as recent reports indicate that the project is currently not a priority at the studio due to J.J. Abrams — who’s been attached to directing an eventual Man of Steel 2 — other projects with WarnerMedia, most notably the three series currently in development at HBO Max: Duster, Overlook, and a still-untitled series set in the Justice League Dark universe.

A new report claims to have it from inside sources at Warner Bros. that despite actor Henry Cavill officially returning to his Superman role, there are no plans to move ahead with a Man of Steel 2 solo film. The issue seems to be with J.J. Abrams and Bad Robot forming their $500 million deal with WarnerMedia; Warner Bros. has been rumored to want J.J. Abrams to direct a Superman film but in order to get him (or any major director) behind a new Superman movie, the studio may need to in fact cast a new Superman actor.

Here’s what Heroic Hollywood got from their inside source at Warner Bros.: “If your plan is to attract an A-list filmmaker like J.J. Abrams to direct such property, like Superman, they’re going to demand they cast who they want in the title role.” [via ComicBook]

As I’ve long claimed — in fact, I’ve written about it on this very website — I’ve circled the Dwayne Johnson vehicle Black Adam as the most likely landing spot for Cavill’s return to the role. Anytime The Rock teases Black Adam on social media, he claims that the “hierarchy of power in the DC Universe is going to change”, which can only be accomplished by involving Superman, who is currently the pinnacle of power in the DCEU.

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