Man Sues Halo Top Because He Thought He Was Buying Regular Ice Cream And Not Light Ice Cream


We’ve all made this blunder before. You go to the grocery store and accidentally purchase the light version of a product such as cheese, sour cream, mayo, or cookies. You get home and bite into the food and immediately recognize that this is not regular, fatty foods that you are accustomed to. The foods taste slightly different or have a weird aftertaste because they use a weird artificial sweetener. You get upset for a second and then throw it away or give the light food to a friend or family member who has no sense of taste. One man took it to another level when he accidentally purchased light ice cream.

Josh Berger from Queens, New York, is suing light ice cream purveyor Halo Top because they tricked him into buying diet ice cream. Berger purchased the health-conscious ice cream when he was expecting to get regular, fatty ice cream. Now there is a lawsuit that was filed in a Brooklyn federal court. “I DEMAND THAT MY ICE CREAM HAVE MUCH MORE SUGAR AND FAT!!!”

Berger is suing the low-calorie ice cream on the grounds that Halo Top uses “false, deceptive, and misleading” labeling. Berger purchased a pint for $6.99 in 2017 and then it was harder and less creamy than regular ice cream. Berger claims that Halo Top ice cream containers don’t advertise that it is light ice cream prominently enough. “Reasonable consumers are not aware they are purchasing a ‘light ice cream’ product,” the lawsuit says. “[He] would not have purchased the products or paid as much if the true facts had been known.” Halo Top containers do say that it is light ice cream.

One of the more ridiculous points of the lawsuit says when people think of “Halo,” they think of yellow, “a color associated with butter and cream.” Relax and eat your light ice cream Josh, it’s not like someone falsely sold you non-fat yogurt that actually has fat in it, which caused you to gain eight pounds.