Marine Goes On Hysterical Rant About People Who Still Won’t Wear Masks

Marine Tik Tok rant

TikTok / Timmy Brynes

The other day, I wrote an article discussing people being mocked for contracting Covid-19 after publicly stating their refusal to wear a mask.

TL;DR –  I don’t think it’s a good idea.

HOWEVER, I’m totally down for making fun of people who are healthy yet still refuse to wear masks, which is why I love this TikTok video so much.

Timmy Byrnes, an active Marine with a sizable social media following, posted a rant to his TikTok account about people not wearing masks that’s hilarious and damn true.

Byrnes commented on the video that it’s been a “Long day” and hoped fans would enjoy my rant.

I’m not a fan but I certainly enjoyed Brynes’s diatribe about people wearing masks, the dumb reasons for not wearing masks, freedom, the 7-11 guy, and dress codes.

“But it’s hard to breathe,” Byrnes whines before showing the regulation gear Marines have to wear to stay safe and how they’re all able to breathe completely fine.

Byrnes also has a message for people who don’t wear masks because this is America and they have the freedom to not wear a mask.

“It’s called a dress code, Kevin!”

[via Timmy Byrnes]

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