I Could Watch Mark Ingram Scream Utter Nonsense At His Teammates For Hours

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As someone who constantly spews verbal nonsense when in the company of my peers, let me say that I truly appreciate — albeit don’t understand — whatever the hell Mark Ingram is talking about whenever he opens his mouth.

Trust me, I’m a huge “say things just to say them” guy. Does it work out for me? In fact, not really — my mom has always told me my worst flaw is my big mouth. But nevertheless, it’s who I am and I enjoy it.

Anyway, less about my dumbass and more about Mark Ingram’s monologuing skills. Take last week, for example, when he produced the postgame soundbite of the year so far when he showed love to his quarterback Lamar Jackson:

Do I understand what Ingram means when he says “big truuuuussstttt”? Absolutely not. But do I love it? 100 million percent.

As a guy who says a lot of dumb shit (for example, while everyone has been calling Daniel Jones “Danny Dimes”… I’ve been calling him Daniel Dimeington The First), let me tell you, Mark Ingram is elite at saying dumb shit. Don’t believe me? NFL Films just released a clip of a mic’d up Ingram spewing utter nonsense to his teammates in every which direction, and honestly, I could watch it for hours.

Every locker room in every professional sport needs a guy like Ingram to keep the mood light off-the-field while also putting in that work on-the-field.

Ingram and the Ravens’ march towards the playoffs continues this weekend when they host the 10-1 San Fransisco 49ers on Sunday.


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