The Official Title Of Marvel Studios’ Upcoming X-Men Reboot Has Seemingly Been Revealed

The Title Of Marvel Studios' X-Men Reboot Has Seemingly Been Revealed


Ever since Disney officially acquired 21st Century Fox back in 2019 — and therefore the rights to characters such as the X-Men, the Fantastic 4, and Deadpool — fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have eagerly been awaiting an indication of when they can expect these characters to be introduced. And thanks to the events of the Ms. Marvel season one finale, that long-awaited moment finally appears to be on the horizon.

Warning: this article will contain spoilers for the season one finale of Ms. Marvel.

While it’s already been confirmed that Deadpool 3 and a reboot of Fantastic 4 was in the works, it was all quiet on the mutant front until it was revealed in Ms. Marvel that the titular Kamala Khan is, herself, a mutant.

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In the series, while Kamala may have blown off being a mutant as “just a label”, the fact is that the confirmation of her genetic mutation is a seismic moment in the MCU as it indicates Mutant-kind are truly on the verge of joining the fray.

Reports indicate that Marvel Studios’ reboot of the X-Men franchise will be titled The Mutants

So close, in fact, that a report from Deadline has seemingly revealed the official title of the rebooted X-Men franchise: The Mutants. Furthermore, the report also indicates that the studio’s reboot of the Blade franchise with two-time Oscar winner Mahershala Ali will be titled The Blade.

Marvel shouldn’t disappoint with sneak peeks of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and the upcoming She-Hulk: Attorney at Law for Disney+. But it’s not expected to shower Hall H with an embarrassment of riches like it did in 2019; some sources believe Marvel is saving it all up for Disney’s fan convention D23 during the second weekend of September, specifically in regards to new projects.

There’s still stuff we haven’t seen, specifically the Fantastic Four reboot, Mahershala Ali in The Blade, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 (due May 5), The Marvels (July 28, 2023) and The Mutants. [via Deadline]

At this time, though, the potential title of the film appears to be the only public detail about the project, as there have been no reports of an official release date, a director being attached to the project, or a cast being put in place.

With both San Diego Comic-Con this weekend and D23 in early September, there’s a possibility that MCU fans get an update on The Mutants before the end of the summer.

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