Maryland Crab Restaurant Trolls PETA Hard By Releasing ‘PETA Tears’ Beer After Billboard Wars

A Maryland crab restaurant has been engaged with an ongoing feud with PETA for months now that included a billboard war. Now, the Baltimore seafood restaurant has upped the ante in the conflict of crabs by releasing a new beer called “PETA Tears.” Savage.

The battle between Jimmy’s Famous Seafood and PETA started in August when they first attacked the Baltimore crab restaurant with a billboard. The billboard with a photo of a crab was located near Jimmy’s Famous Seafood and read: “I’m ME, not MEAT.”

Jimmy’s Famous Seafood fired right back by posting photos of delicious crabs on Twitter and putting up their own billboard in Baltimore that said: “SteaMEd crabs. Here to stay.”

Jimmy’s Famous Seafood has taken their battle with PETA to another level by releasing a new beer called “PETA Tears.”

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After spending months of “perfecting” the lager with a local brewery, Jimmy’s Famous Seafood is now selling a limited run of PETA Tears lager, a traditional American blonde ale that pairs well with seafood.

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“We’ve crafted a refreshing new locally brewed lager — PETA Tears,” Jimmy’s Seafood wrote on Facebook. “This golden masterpiece (4.9% ABV) is a limited-time release, and is perfectly paired with steamed crabs — and all other seafood! Turns out that their tears are in fact quite delicious!”

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“We knew there might be some push back, but we’re ready for that,” said John Minadakis, the restaurant’s owner. “We’ll let the product speak for itself.” The beer is said to be a lot less salty than you’d imagine, but tasty never-the-less.

PETA Tears beer will be available throughout the summer, but if sales go over well, Jimmy’s hope to sell the lager nationally.

Jimmy’s Famous Seafood is using the feud to do some good. One dollar from the sale of every PETA Tears beer will go the “Show Your Soft Side” campaign, a charity that works to stop animal cruelty and provides funds for BARCS, Baltimore’s largest open-admission shelter.

PETA needs to take the “L” in their squabble with Jimmy’s Famous Seafood and turn to easier targets such as removing the imaginary cages for imaginary animals on the Barnum’s Animal Crackers box.

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