Mattel Has Finally Felt The Need To Address The Strange, Viral ‘Barbie Feet’ Instagram Trend

Mattel Addresses The Strange Viral Barbie Feet Instagram Trend


There have been more bizarre social media trends than anyone could possibly count over the past several years. Usually, and thankfully, in many cases, they go away as fast as they came on to the scene.

One Intagram trend that hasn’t gone away despite it closing in on it being two years since it first appeared is the weird “Barbie feet” Instagram fad.

“What is ‘Barbie feet?'” I can hear many of my fellow brethren asking. Well, take a look at these ladies’ feet and you’ll quickly understand.

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Seriously, how many hundreds of times have you looked at a photo of some female and seen them do that with their feet? Bet it’s way more than you even realize.

So, why do they do that?

According to a 2018 article by Who What Wear, it’s for the same reason why females like to wear high heels. It accentuates the calf muscles.

However, rather than actually wearing high heels, instead women just pretend they are wearing invisible heels.

In fact, it’s gotten so out of hand, that the makers of Barbie, Mattel, recently felt the need to address it with Yahoo! Life.

“As a global cultural icon for almost 60 years, Barbie is often referenced in cultural trends that are not created or endorsed by the brand,” Mattel said in a statement. “Today, Barbie is the most diverse doll line on the market with a variety of skin tones, body sizes, hair textures, and even dolls with flat feet that are resonating with consumers.”

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They also spoke to Bobby Pourziaee, a podiatrist nicknamed “The High Heel Doc,” who said about the strange pose, “I have had a lot of my patients ask me recently about ‘Barbie feet.’ I’m surprised this trend didn’t begin earlier. ‘Barbie feet’ are obviously better than wearing high heels because the position of the foot is temporary. Posing with ‘Barbie feet’ can make you look taller and can possibly make your calves look more muscular, but this pose is not recommended for long periods of time because you can get calf shortening and pain and inflation along the ball of the foot.”

Looks like the “Barbie feet” trend won’t be going away anytime soon, kids.

“Why set limitations on elongating yourself just because you’re barefoot? Even the Instagram pros are doing it,” said Justin Cuenco, a brand manager at Revolve and Forward, about the craze.

Why indeed?

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