Is It Illegal To Make Sweet Love To McDonald’s New Fried Cheese Doughnuts Or Just Frowned Upon?

by 11 months ago


Do you love doughnuts? Do you love onion rings? Do you hate yourself? If you answered ‘yes’ to those three questions, I want you to know that you are worthy, one-of-a-kind, loved, and she doesn’t deserve you anyway.

So stop scrolling through her Instagram feed, I promise you she’s not having as much fun as she’s making it seem. You know what you need? A trip. A trip to Germany. Why Germany, you ask, as you wipe tears from your cheek.

What more incentive do you need than McDonald’s new Fried Cheese Doughnuts.

McDonald's Germany

The menu offering’s star ingredient is the Camembert cheese–a soft, creamy cheese made from cow’s milk. The gooey cheese is surrounded by a crispy, golden breaded exterior. I’m not sure what makes these doughnuts and not onion rings, but I am totally on board with the cheese doughnut train.

The cheese doughnuts, which are only available in Germany as of now, come in a 7-piece order and cost 3.99 euros (approx. $4.90 U.S. dollars). They are served with two containers of cranberry dipping sauce for some reason.

No word on when or if these slices of heaven will make it stateside.

And remember bro, she don’t deserve you.

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