McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce Is Coming Back Real Soon And ‘Rick And Morty’ Fans Are Stoked

McDonald's Opened A Portal From 1998 To Deliver Szechuan Sauce To 'Rick And Morty' Creator

Rick And Morty

It all started with a simple joke on April Fool’s Day of all days. The day was April 1, 2017, that is when Rick and Morty brought back a much-forgotten condiment from the dead. In the first episode of the third season of Rick and Morty, “The Rickshank Rickdemption,” the creators of the hit animated TV show breathed new life into McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce that was first introduced in the summer of 1998. That is when McDonald’s offered the Asian-inspired condiment as a limited-time promotional McNugget dipping sauce to coincide with Disney’s release of the movie Mulan. Now the beloved condiment is coming back in a big way.

Last August, the creators of Rick and Morty were treated to gallons of the sweet, yet spicy sauce. Then McDonald’s offered a very limited supply of the Szechaun Sauce, which caused pandemonium by Rick and Morty fans who needed their sauce.

In October, McDonald’s teased that they were going to bring back the beloved condiment. “You spoke. We’ve listened. Lots more #SzechuanSauce and locations. Details soon. And that’s the wayyy the news goes!” Now we get word that the fast food giant will release another batch of Szechuan Sauce and this time there will be more sweet and sour goodness so people don’t maul each other for a condiment packet. McDonald’s employees have posted photos of boxes of Sezchuan Sauce that have arrived in their restaurants.

McDonald’s themselves have even confirmed that the sauce is coming back to this dimension soon.

Word on the streets is that the dipping sauce will be available at McDonald’s next Monday, February 26th.

This is incredible news for everyone, except the dude who sold his car for a packet of Szechuan Sauce.