Woman Trades Packet Of McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce To A ‘Rick And Morty’ Fan For A Car

McDonald's Opened A Portal From 1998 To Deliver Szechuan Sauce To 'Rick And Morty' Creator

Rick And Morty

Remember earlier this year when someone paid $15,350 for a packet of McDonald’s Szechuan sauce from 1998? Well, since then, the sweet dipping sauce has developed quite the cult following after it appeared on Rick and Morty. After McDonald’s treated Rick and Morty creators to a jug of the cherished sauce, the fast food giant brought the beloved dipping sauce back for one day and one day only, which caused crazy long lines and even police being called for fans being upset when the sauce ran out. Rachel Marie was one of the lucky individuals to obtain the worshipped Mulan-inspired sauce. She then traded that one single packet of sauce for a car.


Rachel, a 23-year-old graphic designer from Macomb, Wisconsin, lined up at McDonald’s at 9 a.m. to get her hands on the Mulan sauce. She was ninth in line and was fortunate enough to get one of the 20 packets at the location. Instead of dipping some nuggs in the sauce, she listed the coveted condiment up for trade on a Facebook group. Not too long after, one person offered a red 2004 Volkswagen GTI for the condiment. Straight up. Sauce for a car. For reference, a VW Golf in good condition can probably fetch around $2,000.


Apparently, the person who traded their car for a sauce that you can make on your own was not aware that McDonald’s has said that they will bring back the Szechuan sauce this winter and it will be available in mass quantities.


But it’s a collectible right?


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