Mike Tyson Appears to Have Accidentally Revealed That Jamie Foxx Had A Stroke

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The health of 55-year-old actor Jamie Foxx has been a well-hidden mystery ever since he had to be hospitalized due to a serious and sudden medical emergency last month.

Foxx’s daughter, Corinne Foxx, wrote on Instagram at the time: “We wanted to share that my father Jamie Foxx experienced a medical complication yesterday. Luckily due to quick action and great care he is already on his way to recovery. We know how beloved he is and appreciate your prayers. The family asks for privacy during this time.”

She has since deleted that post and earlier this month vehemently disputed reports that her father’s health situation was dire, but again did not specify what happened to him.

“Sad to see how the media runs wild. My Dad has been out of the hospital for weeks, recuperating. In fact, he was playing pickleball yesterday!” she claimed.

However, just two days later she and Foxx’s younger daughter Annalise were spotted at a physical rehab center in Chicago that reportedly deals with “severe conditions like strokes, traumatic brain injuries, and spinal cord injuries.”

In a recent interview with the Valuetainment: PBD podcast, Mike Tyson may have accidentally spilled the beans and confirmed that Jamie Foxx had a stroke.

When host Patrick Bet-David asked Tyson if he was following “what’s going on with Jamie Foxx,” Tyson replied, “He’s not feeling well.”

Bet-David then said, “There’s something’s going on with him.”

To which Tyson replied, “Yeah, they said stroke.”

Then tried to play it off and quickly move on, adding, “I have no idea what happened to him.”

Later in the show, after being pressed a little bit, Tyson said, “Hey listen, if we don’t know by now they don’t want us to. You know, man, come on, stop.”

Back in 2020, Jamie Foxx was getting himself in amazing shape to portray the former boxing champion in a biopic the actor had been trying to get made for years.

Later that year, Tyson’s ex-wife Robin Givens sent Tyson and Foxx a cease and desist letter, trying to make sure they stop “further defaming Ms. Givens, and to put those producing, writing and/or directing the proposed Tyson biopic, and those producing Mr. Tyson’s podcast, on notice that they are to refrain from portraying Ms. Givens in a false, negative and defamatory light.”

The future of Jamie Foxx ever getting his Mike Tyson biopic made is now murkier than ever.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen now,” Tyson told Bet-David.

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