Mike Tyson Reveals He Smokes $40,000 Worth Of Weed A Month At His California Ranch, Giving Him An Appetite To Eat Your Children

Michael Tullberg/Getty Image


2000 Mike Tyson: “I’m the best ever. I’m the most brutal and vicious and ruthless champions that’s ever been. There’s no one can stop me. Lennox is a conquerer? No, I’m Alexander. He’s no Alexander. I’m the best ever. There’s never been anybody as ruthless. I’m Sonny Liston. I’m Jack Dempsey. There’s no one like me, I’m from their cloth. There’s no one that can match me. My style is impetuous. My defense is impregnable, and I’m just ferocious. I want your heart, I want to eat his children.”

2019 Mike Tyson: *takes giant drag* “Anyone want to listen to Moby and stare at my desktop screen saver?”

The evolution of Mike Tyson from the baddest man on the planet to enlightened stoner is fascinating.

In January, Tyson appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, ego-less, passive, and eager to distance himself from the aggressive man the public grew to admire.

The 53-year-old revealed that he “likes who I am when I smoke,” and that if he doesn’t get stoned daily, he has a bad day–moody, irritable, uptight.

Tyson’s love for weed is so great that in 2017, he broke ground on Tyson Ranch, a 418-acre plot of land in California that caters specifically to marijuana enthusiasts. Plans for the ranch are lofty, with planned features like the world’s longest lazy river—it’ll take an hour to get from beginning to end—a concert amphitheater, “glamping” grounds, a hotel, and classrooms for learning how to grow your own pot.

Tyson reportedly sells around $500,000 worth of cannabis each month from the ranch, which gives him a hefty stream of income that allows him to satisfy his personal craving for the whacky tobaccy.

On a recent episode of his “Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson” podcast, the former heavyweight champ revealed that him and his buddies smoke about $40,000 worth of weed every month at Tyson Ranch. FORTY THOUSAND DOLLARS. That is 666 eighths of the devil’s lettuce.


This man is a national treasure.

Long live the king.