Two Moms Arrested For Getting Into A Wild Brawl At A 4th Grade Basketball Game, Because Ball Is Life

by 1 year ago
two moms arrested for brawling at a 4th grade basketball game


I have a son who participates in youth sports. And if you think things are cutthroat at the professional level, let me tell you, it might actually be worse for the kids these days.

Not that the kids are bad. They’re almost, without fail, not the problem. It’s some of the parents of these kids who play youth sports. So many of them think their kid is the next [insert great athlete’s name here]. And they take the games or events more seriously than the Super Bowl.

For a prime example of this, we have the tale of Tasha Roland and Aishia Peoples, who were charged with disorderly conduct in Fairfax, Ohio and have caused their kids to be expelled from their basketball league.

Why? How about the fact that they got into a knock-down, drag-out fight after their kids’ 4th grade basketball game.

WLWT-TV reports…

Aishia Peoples, one of the parents charged, told WLWT a West Clermont parent was acting intimidating toward Mariemont during the game.

She said West Clermont won, and words were exchanged between parents, including her, eventually leading up to the moment where she tried to leave and the situation turned into a brawl.

The 911 caller described the scene to dispatchers.

Dispatcher: “How many people are involved?”

Caller: “I don’t know. Ten?”

The 911 caller also told dispatchers a gentleman was seen leaving and walking out of the parking lot screaming “undefeated.”

Of course he was. Both teams entered the game undefeated, which in the grand scheme of life is VERY important for a 4th grade basketball team.

Ben Goodyear of the Cincinnati Premier Youth Basketball League also said some referees have faced so much abuse from parents, they have stopped doing it. Trust me, that sort of thing happens EVERYWHERE these days.

Check out video of the brawl below and you’ll see a kid get knocked down, then around the 1:00 mark watch as some rando does an amazing slide into the picture trying to enter the fray.

Okay, seriously. Who is that guy? That’s the greatest move I have seen since Water Slide Guy. Get to work, internet. I know you can do it.