The Most Relevant Brands Of 2019 Include Apple, Chick-Fil-A, Spotfiy, Amazon, But Nike Plummets

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What brands do you love? Are there certain companies that you automatically prefer even if they might be more expensive because you have a particular connection with the brand? A survey has been conducted to find the most relevant brands for 2019, and there are many tech companies you would expect and some you would have never guessed to have such a rabid following.

A study has been conducted to find the most relevant brands of 2019. These are brands that “are centered on a clear, authentic purpose,” and “enable connectivity, but go beyond that to create true connection and a sense of community,” according to Prophet, a “consultancy that helps clients find uncommon growth through marketing, brand, experience, innovation and organization & culture capabilities.”

Prophet surveyed 13,500 consumers in the U.S. to find which brands “they simply cannot live without” to determine the 2019 Prophet Brand Relevance Index (BRI). The participants in the poll selected between 225 unique brands across 27 industries to find the brand that people “can’t imagine my life without it.” The study measured the most adored brands based on four categories: “Customer Obsessed,” “Distinctively Inspired,” “Ruthlessly Pragmatic,” and “Pervasively Innovative.”

Apple was the most relevant brand for 2019, winning the title for the fifth straight year. People can’t get enough iPhones and Macs as well as the company’s services such as Apple Music, Apple Pay, and iCloud. Tim Cook’s Apple beat out its rival, Android, which was third-most relevant.

Streaming music giant Spotify came in at #2, high-end speaker company Bose at #4, and Disney at #5. Out of nowhere at #6 is KitchenAid because people love their $300 mixers. KitchenAid surprisingly beat out Amazon and Netflix, which came in seventh and eighth place respectfully. Animation studio Pixar, which is owned by Disney, and Pinterest round out the top 10 most relevant brands of 2019.

  1. Apple
  2. Spotify
  3. Android
  4. Bose
  5. Disney
  6. KitchenAid
  7. Amazon
  8. Netflix
  9. Pixar
  10. Pinterest

Notable brands that didn’t make the top 10 were Nike, Google, and Samsung. In the 2018 most relevant brands report, Nike was #10, but plummetted to #59 in this year’s survey. Nike did stay at the highest-ranked apparel company in the survey.

Other notable findings from the BRI is that Folgers was somehow the most beloved beverage company (lots of polling among boomers?). Chick-fil-A was the most loved restaurant in the United States for their delicious chicken sandwiches and its “kind attitude of its employees.”

Southwest was voted the best airline. Lyft beat out Uber as the most-liked ride-sharing service. The most respected telecom service was Verizon. In the fitness category, people were happy to shell out big bucks for Peloton exercise equipment. Trader Joe’s was named as America’s favorite grocery store. And Toyota was the most relevant car brand for 2019.

Media company USA Today “won” the 2019 award for being “totally irrelevant,” after ranking as 225th in all of the brands.

“It’s tremendously exciting for us to hear from 50,000 global consumers every year about the brands and experiences that are most relevant in their lives,” said Jesse Purewal, Prophet partner and co-author of the BRI. “The winners have a genuine and clear purpose, a deep customer empathy, and the willingness to invest in developing and delivering a compelling experience.”

You can read more about the Brand Relevance Index and download their full report over at Prophet.

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