Mysterious Monolith Similar To The One In Utah Was Found In Romania – Alien Invasion Next?

There was a mysterious silver monolith discovered in a remote area of the desert in Utah last week. Then the metal structure completely disappeared this past weekend, and all that was left in its place was a pile of rocks.

Now, another very similar monolith has remarkably appeared in Romania. We need a total and complete shutdown of monoliths until the world can figure out what the hell is going on.

We take you to Romania, the land of Simona Halep and Dracula (even though Dracula was from a fictional novel and not part of Romanian history), where an enigmatic edifice was found on a hillside. The newest monolith was found on Batch Doamnei Hill in northeastern Romania. The tower faces Mount Ceahlau, or the “Holy Mountain.” The structure was installed only feet away from the city’s oldest historical monument, the Petrodava Dacian Fortress, a fort built by the ancient Dacian people between 82 BC and AD 106.

This unit, like the one that was in Utah, has a silvery, metallic finish, stands at 13-feet-tall, and has a three-sided rectangle/triangle shape. The only difference is that the monolith in Romania is not as mirror-like as the one in the U.S. and has circular scuff marks on it.

Rocsana Josanu, an official with the Neamt Culture and Heritage, said, “We have started looking into the strange appearance of the monolith.”

“It is on private property, but we still don’t know who the monolith’s owner is yet,” Josanu added. “It is in a protected area on an archaeological site.”

Josanu noted, “Before installing something there, they needed permission from our institution, one that must then be approved by the Ministry of Culture.”

So what is this Romanian monolith about?

Is it part of an elaborate marketing scheme that leads up to a disappointing Super Bowl commercial, as I pointed out HERE.

Is this the first preparations for intergalactic aliens to commence a widescale UFO invasion on Earth? Before you dismiss this possibility, realize that there are 31 days left in the year, and would you really be surprised by an alien invasion in 2020?

Is it an interdimensional portal?

Or is it a cheap knockoff of the one found in Utah and created to garner attention online? This explanation is boring and the most likely, bring on the alien invasion.