Nick Cannon Fires Back At Eminem, Calls Him ‘Grandpa’ And An Erectile Dysfunction Pill

Nick Cannon responds to Eminem's diss track Lord Above by calling the rapper names and inviting him to rap battle on Wild 'n Out

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The feud between Eminem and Nick Cannon continues. What started as an intense rivalry when Cannon first married Mariah Carey years ago has continued to this day.

Eminem reignited the feud last week when the new Fat Joe song Lord Above was released. The track features R&B queen Mary J. Blige and Eminem, who took a verse to attack Nick Cannon. On the new joint off Fat Joe’s Family Ties album, Eminem drops some extremely disrespectful lines about Nick Cannon.

“Word to the Terror Squad, Joe, this is all puns aside though. I know me and Mariah didn’t end on a high note,” Slim Shady rapped. “But that other dude’s whipped, that p*ssy got him neutered.”

“Tried to tell him this chick’s a nut job before he got his jewels clipped,” Em said on the track. “Almost got my caboose kicked? Fool, quit. You not gonna do sh*t. I let her chop my balls off too ‘fore I lost to you, Nick.”

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During Friday’s Power 106 radio show Nick Cannon Mornings, Cannon fired back at Marshall Mathers.

“We should change his name from Eminem to Percocet,” Cannon said on his show. “What’s the pill old people use? We are going to call him Cialis. Bring your walker, get out your wheelchair Eminem and pop whatever you want to pop.”

“Should I respond back? It’s not worthy of a response,” Cannon continued. “Then I gotta get in my time machine and put my gigolo jersey on.”

Cannon went on to say that Fat Joe’s new album Family Ties was awesome. Nick said Fat Joe did charity work to dig up “Eminem out his grave I mean cave!” Cannon challenged Marshall Mathers to appear on his MTV show Wild ‘N Out and “battle like a real legend Grandpa Marshall!”

Cannon also reposted a video of comedian Chris D’Elia’s hilarious impersonation of Eminem.

Cannon also posted his comedy stand-up routines involving Eminem.

The battle between Eminem and Nick Cannon dates back to 2009, when Slim Shady dropped The Warning, a track that attacked Mariah Carey and her husband-at-the-time Nick Cannon.

Don’t expect Eminem to be on Wild ‘N Out any time soon because Marshall Mathers never responded to Cannon’s 2016 invitation to the TV show.

So who won the 2019 feud between Eminem and Nick Cannon?

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