This So Needs To Happen: Nicolas Cage Says Playing The Joker Would Be ‘Perfect’ For Him

by 11 months ago
Nicolas Cage Playing The Joker Perfect

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National treasure Nicolas Cage was asked in a recent interview if there are any comic book roles he’d be fired up to play or any characters that piqued his interest. Of course, he said that there were, because he’s Nicolas freaking Cage, and of course, one of the comic book characters he’d like to play is legendary supervillain The Joker. This needs to happen.

After all, Nicolas Cage is the man who is so into Superman that he named his son Kal-El and at one amazing point in time was signed up to play him in Tim Burton’s Superman Lives.

How this film never got made is one of Hollywood’s biggest failures.

Cage does get to finally at least be the voice of The Man of Steel in upcoming animated film Teen Titans GO! To The Movies, but surely there are still other comic book-based movie roles he’d like to conquer, right? Right.

Speaking with JoBlo about his new film The Humanity Bureau, Cage shared his, as always, tremendous thoughts on the topic.

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