Orlando Bloom Gets His Son’s Name Tattooed In Morse Code On His Forearm… Incorrectly

Orlando Bloom

Getty Image / Paul Archuleta/WireImage

Orlando Bloom is aging well. No surprise there. What a face, good Lord. He’s going to look 28 until he’s fifty, at which point he’ll immediately morph into that smoldering, slightly grizzled phase that Brad Pitt has embodied so well. It won’t be gradual, either; it will be instantaneous. One night, he’ll go to bed looking like the cover of Teen Vogue. In the morning, he’ll wake up and creak his way to a rocking chair on his porch, sip a mug of tea, and wait for people to show up to listen to his stories. And oh, what stories he’ll tell.

I was going to go off about how, unlike Orlando’s face, this tattoo won’t age well. But it turns out they can fix it pretty easily.

NY PostOrlando Bloom, 43, showed off his new tattoo intended to spell out the name of his son Flynn in Morse code on Tuesday — but fans quickly noticed a misspelling in the permanent ink.

The art, however, skips a dot to improperly spell out F-R-Y-N-N.

“A beautiful reminder for @orlandobloom of his son,” [tattoo artist] Bercsenyi wrote in his own post on Instagram. “And yes, a dot is missing, we know, it will be fixed :)”

Quick fix, thank the Lord! Can’t have Legolas reaching for his quiver and exposing this mockery to all the orcs.

Check out some of this tattoo artist’s other work. This stuff is incredible. I’m not a tattoo guy but when they look like this, it opens the door a bit. Gotta imagine this dude charges like $1,000/hr though. Look at this detail: