Paris Hilton’s Wedding Registry Contains A $880 Salad Serving Spoon, Other Reasonably Priced Items

Paris Hiltons Wedding Registry Contains A 880 Salad Serving Spoon

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  • Paris Hilton and Carter Reum’s wedding registry at Geary’s of Beverly Hills has been made public and all total it comes in at around $60,000.
  • It contains items such as a $880 salad serving spoon, a $825 salad bowl, a $3,650 greyhound sculpture, and a $2,500 5×7 picture frame.
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In case you hadn’t heard, Paris Hilton is getting married. Seriously this time. The 40-year-old Hilton is supposed to be getting married to businessman Carter Reum on November 11th.

Yes, she has been engaged before to fashion model Jason Shaw, Greek shipping heir Paris Latsis, and actor Chris Zylk, but this time she’s going through with it. Hilton has already had her bridal shower, complete with a champagne vending machine, so you know it’s going to happen.

The famous for being famous selfie inventor has at least one wedding registry at Geary’s of Beverly Hills, which can be viewed on their website.

The $60,000 registry is filled with all sorts of very reasonably priced gift ideas, most of which appears to be items Hilton and Reum will be using to decorate their home.

There’s a stainless steel, walnut wood and porcelain party tray for $985 that no one has gotten the couple yet.

Also still up for grabs are a $370 bread knife, a $290 paring knife, and a set of $215 ice tongs.

Not interested in those things? There’s plenty more to choose from.

How about a $3,200 8×10 picture frame? Or a $330 gold-plated tea spoon? Maybe a $880 gold-plated salad serving fork? Or a $4,885 crystal vase?

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Unfortunately, many of the items on Paris Hilton’s wedding registry have already been accounted for by her friends and family.

Sorry, but you won’t be able to buy Paris and Carter the $860 champagne cooler or the $1,000 caviar server (with spoon). The $2,050 black vase is also gone. As are the two $1,220 candle holders and the $2,300 5×7 picture frame.

Still, there is plenty left over and two weeks to go before they get hitched, so you’ve got time to figure out what you’re getting them.

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