Pat Sajak Goes Viral For Umpteenth Time This Year For Asking Vanna White If She Watches Opera Naked

Pat Sajak Weirdly Asks Vanna White If She Watches Opera Naked

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  • Pat Sajak has been hosting Wheel of Fortune since 1981.
  • The longtime host has been going viral quite a bit in recent weeks and months.
  • Sajak’s latest viral moment saw him bizarrely ask Vanna White if she watches opera “in the buff.”

For someone who doesn’t watch Wheel of Fortune all that often — except for when I’m visiting my retired parents — I’ve certainly written about it quite a few times this year, largely thanks to the antics of the longtime host Pat Sajak.

Earlier in March, Sajak went viral on Twitter after he posted a thread in defense of contestants who absolutely botched their attempts at solving the phrase “another feather in your cap.”

Then, just a week later, Sajak himself made the headlines as he told a contestant that he just told the most boring anecdote that he’s heard during his many decades as the host of Wheel of Fortune.

Pat Sajak asks Vanna White if she watches opera “in the buff”

The 75-year-old TV icon’s latest viral moment may be his most bizarre yet, though, as he asked his co-hostess Vanna White if she watches opera “in the buff.”

Having hosted Wheel of Fortune for over 40 years now, perhaps we’re seeing Sajak give less and less of a damn with each passing day. White, ten years Sajak’s junior, has been hostess of Wheel of Fortune for almost as long, as she began her stint on the show in 1982.

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