Take A Look At Some Of The Tattoos People Are Getting Of Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock

People Are Getting Tattoos Of Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock

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Will Smith may have resigned from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and he may be having some trouble getting his latest projects off the ground thanks to his Oscars slap of Chris Rock, but at least now he can say he is the subject of several folks’ new tattoos. Bright side!

The New York Post reported on Tuesday that “people are turning the moment Will Smith slapped Chris Rock into a permanent memory with tattoos.”

And they’re actually pretty good! (Or they are at least better than a Duke fan’s terrifying tattoo of Mike Krzyzewski.)

“I thought, let’s do it. It’s hilarious,” Birmingham tattoo artist Jon Arton told SWNS. “It’s quite small and discreet – if it wasn’t I probably wouldn’t have done it.”

He shared the news about the Will Smith slap tattoo on British radio station Heart when they asked, “What’s the weirdest tattoo you’ve ever had to do for work?”

When asked why the person got Will Smith’s slap of Chris Rock tattooed on their leg, Arton replied that the person said they were just a big Will Smith fan. Talk about dedication.

People have some odd reasons for getting Will Smith slapping Chris Rock tattoos

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Amazingly, that person wasn’t the only one to run to a tattoo artist to get some Will Smith slap ink.

A tattoo artist in New Jersey, Oscar Aguilar Jr., also had a customer ask for the same thing, only on the person’s forearm. Here’s how his turned out…

Italian tattoo artist Giovanni Bracciodieta also inked someone with a visual of “The Slap.” The reason his customer gave for getting the tattoo, according to Metro, was actually for no particular reason, “he just liked the meme.”

Bracciodieta captioned his Instagram photo of the tattoo, “Violence is never justified!” Apparently, tattoos of bizarre pop culture moments, however, are not a problem these days.

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