The Internet Has Officially Gone Stir Crazy As People Are Now Randomly (And Hilariously) Going In On Hawaiian Punch

People Are Randomly Tweeting About How Much They Hate Hawaiian Punch

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Is Hawaiian Punch the new Dasani of the worldwide quarantine? (Why yes, that is NASCAR legend Michael Waltrip in the photo above, thanks for asking.)

I ask this rather odd question because it was just a week ago that seemingly half the internet went off on Dasani and how it was so bad that even people going into self-isolation didn’t want to buy it.

And now, for reasons unbeknownst to me, the internet has been taking aim at that childhood staple Hawaiian Punch.

So random.

What could have possessed someone to have such a random Hawaiian Punch thought? Was it this?

Seriously. Is Hawaiian Punch really that bad? I mean, it’s no Dasani, right?

That, right there, is a very valid observation. Why won’t Hawaiian Punch ever get cold?


How about another blast from the past?

And why was the little Hawaiian dude also throwing punches anyway?

And on it went…

I guess this discussion is no worse than the 18,000 people who just voted on Who would win in a street fight: The Muppets or Sesame Street?

We’re all in real trouble, aren’t we?


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