Thousands On The Internet Are Arguing Over Who Wins A Street Fight: The Muppets Or Sesame Street? We Break It Down

Internet Arguing Over Who Wins Street Fight Muppets Or Sesame Street

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Going a little stir crazy already? Join the club. How else do you explain over 18,000 people voting on the question: Who would win in a street fight: The Muppets or Sesame Street?

Let’s go to the tale of the tape.

Representing The Muppets… (Top 15, ranked from strongest to weakest).

Miss Piggy
Sam Eagle
Rizzo the Rat
Pepe the King Prawn
Rowlf the Dog
Kermit the Frog
Statler and Waldorf
The Swedish Chef
Bunsen Honeydew
Fozzie Bear

The Muppets start out well with Animal, Miss Piggy and Sam Eagle, but it tails off a lot from there. By the time we get to the end of the list, Scooter and Fozzie Bear would be pretty much worthless in a street fight.

The wild card in the bunch has to be Gonzo. There’s no telling what kind of contraptions he would come up with that would surely explode upon attempted use. It just depends on when and where the explosion happens during the fight.

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Representing Sesame Street… (Top 15, ranked from strongest to weakest).

Oscar the Grouch
Count von Count
Big Bird
Cookie Monster
Super Grover (real name: Grover)
The Yip Yips
Guy Smiley
Slimey the Worm
Prairie Dawn
Baby Bear
Bert and Ernie

Again, the quality of fighters here with Sesame Street drops preciptiously once you get past the top five or six. However, at the top you’ve got a guy who literally lives in a garbage can (and likes it that way), a vampire, a 300-pound bird, a giant whatever Snuffleupagus is, a literal monster, and a superhero (albeit not a very good one).

The sleeper on this roster has to be Slimey the Worm. Oscar’s pal could be the stealthy difference in this fight.

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Now let’s go to the audience and see who they are picking.

Looks like, in a very close battle, the people believe that Sesame Street would take The Muppets in a street fight.

Here’s a taste of the logic behind some people’s choices…


This is what happens when you lock everyone inside their homes for an extended period of time. God help us all if we have to do this for several more weeks.