People Are Speculating All The Things That Mysteriously Disappeared From Earth That Could Be Rediscovered At Area 51


There hasn’t been many events in the internet era that have spawned better memes and storylines than the Area 51 saga. Rarely, if ever, has a branch of the United States military intervened over a Facebook group about alien hunting. And never has a Facebook group about alien hunting amassed more followers than the entire population of Dallas, Texas.

The Area 51 happenings are the gift that keep on giving, and the people who have booked the surrounding hotels to full capacity on the night of the planned raid are breathing enough life into the phenomenon that no one can look away.

In the latest bushel of content, people are conjecturing on what the earth mysteriously lost that could possibly be rediscovered at Area 51. Some of these will take you back.

If the only thing we discover from Area 51 are those Doritos 3D’s, I would consider it a monumental achievement for mankind.