Eminem Talked To Pete Davidson About Impersonating The Rapper On ‘SNL’ But ‘Hung Up As Quick As Possible’

Pete Davidson has portrayed Eminem on Saturday Night Live a couple of times and people have noticed, including Marshall Mathers himself. Slim Shady got in touch with Davidson about his impersonation of the rapper, but the SNL star hung up on Eminem “as quick as possible.”

Davidson starred in a Christmas-themed SNL skit titled “Stu” where he parodied Eminem’s “Stan” music video but the comedian is obsessed with Santa Claus and getting a PS5. The comedy sketch featured a cameo by none other than Marshall Mathers himself. Then in March, Davidson donned a Batman & Robin-esque costume to rap about Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen as he parodies Eminem’s song “Without Me.”

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Davidson revealed his conversation with Marshall Mathers during a recent appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers

“It went I think as good as it could go. Those [sketches] were written by the great Dan Bulla and Steven Castillo, great SNL writers, and [Chris] Redd,” Davidson told Myers. “Eminem said a couple nice things about me and I of course heard them.”

“I reached out, I was like, ‘I would just like to say thank you.’ And I just hit him up and said thanks and he was like, ‘Yeah man, you really did that. When I saw Stu on script, I was like, I don’t know how it was going to go, but after you did that, it was fire.’ I was like, ‘Oh thank you so much, you’re the coolest,’ and then I just hung up as quick as possible,” Davidson said. “That’s all you need, you don’t want anything more.”

“When you talk to a hero, you don’t want to extend it,” Davidson said of abruptly ending his conversation with Eminem. “If you’re good, get out.”

Davidson also talked about an upcoming SNL guest that is causing much discussion – Elon Musk.

Davidson said of Musk, “I don’t know why people are freaking out … I’m like, the guy that makes the earth better, kinda, and he makes cool things and sends people to Mars?”

“I’m really excited, man,” Davidson said about meeting Musk. “I’m gonna ask him for, like, a Tesla or some sh*t.”

Davidson also said that the current season of Saturday Night Live has been his “favorite.”

“The pandemic has … really made me very appreciative of things … because it was such a kick in the nuts,” Davidson said. “And so, I’ve been having a blast and just been feeling so lucky that I have a place to go and work and be funny. Because the world’s so nuts.”

Davidson also talked about why he got some tattoos removed.

“I didn’t think that they would put me in stuff,” Davidson said of being cast in movies. “I thought after SNL it was a wrap.”

“I honestly never thought that I would get an opportunity to act and I love it a lot,” he told Meyers. “It takes like three hours — you have to get there like three hours earlier — to cover all your tattoos. For some reason, people in movies, they don’t have them that much.”

Davidson explained the tattoo removal process.

“Not only are they like burning off your skin, you’re wearing these big goggles so you can’t see anything,” he explained. “The doctor’s in there with you. So before he goes to laser each tattoo, you have to hear him announce what the tattoo is to make sure if you want to keep it or not.”

“So I’ll just be sitting there all high off the Pro-Nox, which I actually quite enjoy,” he continued. “It’s actually pretty fun. And then, all of a sudden, I’ll just hear, ‘Are you keeping the Stewie Griffin smoking a blunt?'”

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