The Very Best Memes From Pete Davidson And Kate Beckinsale Playing Tonsil Hockey At The Rangers Game

Pete Davidson Kate Beckinsale Make Out

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Pete Davidson was spotted cleaning out Kate Beckinsale’s stomach last night at the Rangers game.

I’m not saying I’m mad about it, I’m just saying it’s tough to see another man living out my dreams. Especially considering the dude is too young to fully appreciate what he has, what she represents. That satisfaction can only be derived from years of fawning over someone from afar. From sitting in my buddy Cody’s basement growing up and watching Beckinsale act in Pearl Harbor before sneaking off to the bathroom for 5-7 minutes. Pete Davidson was 8 years old when Pearl Harbor came out! It was rated PG-fucking-13!

I’m fine. I’m fine.

After yelling into a towel, I am left with one emotion after seeing Davidson tongue punch my adolescent crush: respect.

I also pulled together a collection of the best memes I could find about the budding relationship. Sometimes you need to laugh so you don’t cry.

Lol! All’s good here! Congrats to the happy couple!


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