Pringles Unveils Turducken Chips For Thanksgiving And The Internet Collectively Stifles A Gag Reflex

Pringles Unveils Turducken Chips For Thanksgiving Internet Reacts


In what is apparently an attempt to out-gross Oscar Mayer and their hot dog-flavored ice cream sandwich, the folks over at Pringles have gone and introduced a special turducken-flavored potato chip just in time for Thanksgiving.

CNN tweeted, “Pringles has unveiled a seasonal food-flavored chip feast, and it’s poised to replace the whole Thanksgiving spread.”

Yeah… no.

Kellogg’s Pringles page writes about this new culinary abomination…

The moment your mouth has been waiting for every single second since last year is here — and it’s a triple threat.
Introducing Pringles® Friendsgiving Feast featuring the Turducken Stack. Three birds for bundling, three sides and more feathered flavor than you ever drooled was possible. It’s the feast you never flapping knew you desperately needed. But don’t thank us, just catch one.

• Avoid clamoring for oven space and jockeying for Grandma’s fancy china platters.
• Satisfy your sweet tooth well before dessert, with an insanely accurate “Pumpkin pie” flavor.
• Turn crisp eating into a veritable taste experiment with fun flavor stacking with the pack exclusive Turducken Stack.

Limited time only, the Turducken Friendsgiving Feast will be gone faster than Grandma’s famous Pumpkin Pie. COMING SOON.

They’re kidding, right? Cranberry sauce-flavored potato chips? Stuffing chips? What is happening?!

Nope. Pringles is 100 percent serious, much to the disgust of many on the internet.

That is a true statement.


It is coming soon.

But seriously, Pringles, you just need to stop. Enough already.

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