Want To Support Black Lives Matter, But Are Short On Cash? You Can Raise Money By Just Watching A Video

Times are tough financially these days, especially with many businesses far from operating in a normal fashion. So making a donation to support a cause like Black Lives Matter during this time of unrest and change might be a little tough for a lot of folks out there.

To help address this conundrum, several YouTubers are creating monetized videos that cost nothing to watch, but all of the money raised by people viewing them support go to support Black Lives Matter causes.

It’s really quite genius.

The first YouTuber to do this, according to Polygon, was Zoe Amira who put together an hour long video featuring music, poetry, and art from black artists with 100 percent of the revenue created from the ads that appear on the video being forwarded to organizations who are helping out with providing bail, support for victims’ families, and other tools of advocacy.

This creative thinking by Zoe Amira has led other YouTubers like Stephanie Soo, touchdalight, and JustJoeLee to follow suit with their own dedicated Black Lives Matter supporting videos.

Just make sure your ad blocker is turned off, turn on the sound, watch the ads, and boom, you just made a donation to Black Live Matters causes.

Someone has even created an entire playlist of Support BLM videos.