Rihanna Roasts Trump For His Response To Puerto Rico, Internet Proclaims Her New President

rihanna roasts trump puerto rico twitter

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In case you hadn’t heard, things are pretty bad in Puerto Rico right now thanks to the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria. Also, in case you hadn’t heard, Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory.

Which is why it’s odd that the most notable help to those in need in Puerto Rico appears to be coming in the form of companies and people like a cruiseline, an owner of an NBA team and, ugh, Pitbull.

These facts have not gone unnoticed by someone very familiar with the islands of the Caribbean and that would be Rihanna, who hails from Barbados.

Which is why on Thursday morning Rihanna decided to help make sure that President Trump was aware of the chaos taking place in Puerto Rico with a simple, but very powerful tweet.

Reactions to her tweet have now put her squarely in the race alongside The Rock for President in 2020.

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Oh sure, she may not be old enough yet, or have official American citizenship yet, but that doesn’t seem to be a stumbling block for many of her followers…

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