Enormous Rubber Band Ball Dropped From A 9-Story Tower Explodes On Top Of A Gigantic Axe

Well, we finally know who would win the battle between a rubber band ball the size of a beach ball and a super sharp axe the size of a car. Spoiler alert: the axe wins, the rubber band ball never really stood a chance.

This footage comes from the gents at the How Ridiculous YouTube channel. They’ve managed to make the largest rubber band ball I’ve ever seen and drop it from a 9-story tower with 5-foot-tall axe blade down below. Nothing about this makes any sense but that’s exactly why I love this video so much.

These dudes actually have an array of gigantic balls on hand to hurl over the ledge of that tower and careening down to the axe blade below. And let’s also take a moment to appreciate that someone somewhere (the Australian outback?) decided to build a massive axe one day and put it face up on the ground.

They’ve also gotten their money’s worth out of that ridiculous axe and in recent days/weeks the How Ridiculous crew have dropped an enormous tree stump, Australia’s largest pumpkin, a small, car, and now a series of balls onto the axe. If you dig this Rubber Band Ball vs. Giant Axe action below you’ll enjoy those others, and as for the rubber band ball that footage kicks off around the 10-minute mark in the video if you want to jump ahead:

If you enjoyed that clip you’ll definitely like this one of a truly massive tree stump dropped onto the axe:

And here’s Australia’s biggest pumpkin being dropped onto the axe if you want some more, as well as a small car getting dropped onto that truly ridiculous axe.

I guess I’m just having one of those days (week? month? year?) where I need some good old fashioned mindless YouTube like this to distract me from every single day looking and feeling the same as the day before and tomorrow.

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