Some Guy Wrote An ENTIRE Script For ‘Saturday Night Live’ With Thanos As The Host And It Is Amazing

Now that the first reviews and reactions are in and the movie has officially premiered, people all over the world have got Avengers: Endgame fever. Some more than others.

Like comedy writer Dom Nero, for example.

Nero is so fired up for the return of Thanos and the Avengers gang that he wrote an entire 26-page Saturday Night Live script with the big purple Titan as the guest host.

Seriously. It even has Alec Baldwin (as Donald Trump) and Robert Downey Jr. as special guest stars and Hoobastank as the episode’s musical guest.

“What would it be like if Thanos hosted Saturday Night Live? This question haunts my every waking moment. Since Endgame is out this week, I finally tried to answer that question. Here’s my spec script, an entire episode of SNL hosted by Thanos,” Nero wrote on Twitter, along with some stellar artwork of what the big bad might look like as the host.

That wasn’t the only Saturday Night Live-related artwork Nero had commissioned for his project either.

Check out some of the highlights from the script and tell me you wouldn’t tune in to watch this…

The best part, to me at least, might be this episode’s Weekend Update with Colin Jost and Michael Che…

Read the entire incredible script here.

[Men’s Health]

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