Shannon Sharpe Shares His Home Workout Routine And It Looks Utterly Exhausting

Shannon Sharpe Home Workout

Undisputed via YouTube

Shannon Sharpe is stuck at home, much like the rest of the world.

While the majority of people are passing the time by searching for cocktail recipes, growing beards, smoking a ton of weed, and sneaking into jungle safaris, Sharpe is staying jacked with this intense exercise routine.

Sharpe shared the home workout on Undisputed’s YouTube channel and challenged everyone to try and survive to the end.

As a form of motivation, Sharpe shared his approach to fitness and the mindset he brings to his workouts.

“When I’m done with this exercise, I’m not gonna say, ‘Man I wish I could have done five more reps, or I could’ve done this.’

If you can do that, you didn’t work hard enough. You should empty the tank.

You should feel like you ate your lungs, your heart is just pounding through your chest.”

To cut down on the overall amount of minutes spent working out, Sharpe arranges his equipment in a certain order.

“I’m trying to cut down on the transition time, so I’ll actually be working instead of trying to look for equipment,” he explains.

As far as equipment, Sharpe has an entire gym right outside his house. He’s got an airbike, box for jumps, assorted dumbbells, a rowing machine, medicine balls and kettlebells.

Men’s Health did a breakdown of Sharpe’s entire routine or watch the video below and try it yourself.

Maybe someday Sharpe will be as ripped as his Undisputed co-host, Skip Bayless.


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