The New ‘Silicon Valley’ Intro Includes A New Company And A Dig At Facebook

silicon valley opening credits sequence


The opening sequence to Silicon Valley might not be as iconic as the intro to Game of Thrones, but much like its slightly less comedic HBO counterpart, the spoof of the constantly-changing region it shares a name with is always evolving. Last year, someone analyzed the Silicon Valley title sequence that ran during the previous season, which revealed the many, many easter eggs it contains.

After a number of teasers, the fifth season of the series finally premiered last night in an episode that managed to entertain despite the absence of T.J. Miller thanks in no smart part to the continued brilliance of Jian Yang in addition to the world’s dumbest pizza app. This year’s edition of the opening features many of the companies that have become staples of Silicon Valley over the past couple of decades (in addition to at least one new one)— and one of the industry’s current behemoths is at the receiving end of a subtle joke.

Silicon Valley viewer Adam Best was paying special attention to the credits and noted they feature a diss directed at Facebook, whose logo turns to Russian to reflect just one of the many scandals the company finds itself currently dealing with.

This wasn’ the only change to appear in this year’s intro. The cryptocurrency trading platform Coinbase is also featured, and if you were curious, the price of Bitcoin rose from $8,370 to $8,490 over the course in the first 10 minutes after the part of the show.

It would not shock me in the slightest if this was at least some of a factor.


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