Ballsy Old Guy Blindly Committed To Ripping Heaters Gets Thrown Off Bus For Ripping A Heater


At a certain age, I imagine old people just assume they can get away with almost anything and just let it fly.

Saying inappropriate things? “Oh, silly Gramps, always saying something zany!”

Pissing in his pants? Well, that comes with age, please forgive him.

Copping multiple unwarranted feels? “Haha, keep those restless hands to yourself, Grandpa Joe!”

Ripping a heater on public transpo? Nah, fuck that — apparently, that’s where society has decided to draw the line.

In a video posted to the “Humans of Bankstown” Facebook page (an Australian ripoff of Humans of New York) on Wednesday, July 31, a purse-carrying old guy can be seen casually taking puffs of his cigarette while onboard a public bus.

Likely assuming that nobody would dare cross the imaginary peace treaty that middle-aged people signed with elderly people long ago, my man — let’s call him George, that’s a solid old man name — my man George here smoked his cigarette with the confidence of a supervillain. And folks, let me tell ya… George was wrong.

Without even uttering a word, the hand of an off-camera man darts into the frame, grabbing George by the strap of his bag. In one swift motion — in something that looks like it’s out of a movie — the health-crazed assailant drags George clean off the bus, quite literally tossing him to the curb.

George — not to be deterred, that stubborn old bastard — keeps his cigarette lit and intact throughout the entire ordeal, even continuing to rip his heater as he’s laying face-up on the pavement. That is a man who is committed to ripping heaters — whether it be sitting upright on a bus or on his ass on the sidewalk — and for that, we have to respect him.

Live your life to the fullest, our dear George, while you still can.

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