A Study Says Smoking Weed Can Age Your Brain Up To Three Years So Let’s Just Assume That Means It Makes You Wiser

smoking marijuana ages brain


It seems like a new study comes out every single day about the impact the world’s favorite mind-altering substances can have on your health.

This is especially true when it comes marijuana, which has been a hot topic in the scientific community as the drug becomes increasingly normalized and people try to figure out the benefits and pitfalls of indulging in the Devil’s lettuce.

There’s been plenty of research into the upsides and downsides of smoking weed, and if you happen to partake in this particular pastime, there are studies that show marijuana can reduce your risk of liver disease in addition to improving your night vision.

smoking marijuana ages brain


However, others say weed has the potential to make your sperm not want to do the job they’re supposed to and can also make you a total loser.

smoking marijuana ages brain


Some research has said marijuana doesn’t have any impact on the brain but a newly released study disputes those findings, saying there’s now evidence that doing weed might not actually be as harmless as everyone wishes it is.

According to The New York Post, scientists discovered smoking weed can reduce blood flow to the brain, which can cause it to “age” up to three years compared to a non-user (for comparison, drinking only adds six months to the brain’s age).

Dr. Daniel Amen, who led the study, commented on the results, saying:

“The cannabis abuse finding was especially important, as our culture is starting to see marijuana as an innocuous substance. This study should give us pause about it.”

However, the article in question didn’t specify exactly how much weed you have to smoke for the aging to happen and didn’t directly address any long-term cognitive impact, so feel free to interpret the results as you will (I’m just going to tell myself that it means it makes you wise beyond your years).

Sure, you can certainly enjoy normal, regular activities without marijuana but have you ever done any one of them… on weed?

It’s some mind-blowing stuff.