Husband Of The Year Braves Snowstorm In Missouri To Get His Wife Corn Dogs

Missouri Man Snowstorm


Much of the country is being hammered by an unprecedented snowstorm right now and people are mostly staying off of the roads— except for this Missouri man who set out on a quest to make his wife happy. Husband-of-the-year Tom Cavins braved the winter weather, dug his car out of the snow and went down the road to the grocery store for some corn dogs at Mrs. Cavins’ request.

When the local news walked over and asked him what he was up to, Tom’s nonchalant answer is so perfect. He answers with a straight face as if it is completely normal that he is outside amidst a winter storm warning because his wife wants some cornmeal-battered hot dogs. Which, of course, it is— because when you or your loved one is craving a corn dog, you get a corn dog at whatever cost.

She ended up sharing the video and explained what went down, adding clarification that he did not actually risk his life.

“We live just outside of St. Louis and we had a huge snowstorm hit yesterday. I told my husband I wanted corndogs and he, being the loving husband that he is, went down to the grocery store to get me some corndogs. The local news was there, and this is what my husband had to say about what he was doing there… I can’t stop laughing. Also, he didn’t “REALLY” risk his life for corndogs. We live about a minute from the grocery store, which is why he decided it was ok to go out. Snow like this isn’t normal in our area, but there was a huge snowstorm across most of the country. I just have an awesome husband 😂”

Cavins returned home safely from his trek and won himself enough credit points to last him a lifetime. The only question left unanswered is whether Tom and his wife use ketchup, mustard or both on their corn dogs.