Sophie Turner (Wisely) Never Finished Season 8 Of ‘Game of Thrones’

Sophie Turner AKA Sansa Stark says fans need to get a grip and calls the Game of Thrones petition disrespectful.


The swiftness in which Game of Thrones exited the collective pop-cultural consciousness will never cease to amaze me.

A year ago at this time, Game of Thrones was perhaps the biggest television show to ever exist. These days, it’s a distant and sour memory that feels as though it originally existed years ago, let alone less than nine months ago.

In fact, the tail end of Game of Thrones was so poorly received that even the series’ own stars apparently didn’t take the time to check out the final few episodes.

Speaking to Elle to about her Quibi show Survive, Sansa Stark actress Sophie Turner was asked about the divisive final season and revealed that she’s actually yet to watch the concluding chapters of the career-defining series, noting that she had planned to until she “started reading all these comments online.”

“I haven’t watched it,” she said. “I started watching when the last season started, and I was planning to watch the rest. But then I fell behind. And then I started reading all these comments online…”

Turner continued, “I feel like you are never going to have everybody be satisfied with the ending. Especially a show that’s been going on for almost 10 years at that point. People have so many ideas of how they want it to end. You can’t make every fan happy.” [via Uproxx]

While actors not watching their own performances is somewhat commonplace, the fact that an actress whose career was defined by this series — arguably the biggest TV show ever made — doesn’t feel the need to see how it all ends is… not what you want to see.


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