Someone Invented A Spaghetti Burrito Because Nothing Is Sacred Anymore


The internet is filled with bizarre food concoctions that nobody ever asked for but that someone decided to make anyway for reasons that most normal people will never be able to comprehend. In the past few weeks alone, we’ve seen people put strawberries on pizza, place pizza on a pineapple, and sandwich a piece of cheese between two Pop-Tarts in one of the greatest affronts to God that I’ve ever seen.

I’m not sure where this most recent bizarre food falls in the pantheon of weird culinary mashups, but it made me gag a little when I heard about it, which is basically my litmus test for whether or not I should warn the rest of the world. I apologize in advance for introducing you to the spaghetti burrito, a food that is just begging to be accused of cultural appropriation by multiple nationalities.

The spaghettirrito is the brainchild of the oxymoronically named HellthyJunkFood, whose video features two takes on the culinary abomination. The first is a more traditional burrito stuffed with pasta, sauce, and cheese and grilled in garlic butter, while the second one adds meatballs and a deep fryer to the equation (which, as the AV Club notes, makes it more of a chimichanga).

Given Taco Bell’s propensity for producing ungodly creations— including a burrito with Pop Rocks inside of it— I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if this got added to their menu at some point in the future. Never underestimate the willingness of stoned people to eat something no one should.

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