Pineapple Pizza Fans And Normal Pizza Fans Need To Team Up To Stop This Strawberry Pizza Atrocity


In 1962, Sam Panopoulos and his brothers came up with the idea for pineapple pizza. It took decades for the wacky pizza topping to catch on and to be accepted by devout pizza disciples. Now, in one bizarre and offensive tweet, the idea of strawberry pizza took the world by storm. If pineapple pizza offends you, strawberry pizza will shake you to your core.


The “strawberries>>pineapples” tweet was RT’d over 2,000 times and Liked over 5,000 times.

However, many responses were people disgusted with the strawberry pizza.

Strawberries don’t belong on a cheap takeout mozzarella pizza. If you get a fancy pizza with strawberries, balsamic reduction, basil, arugula, and ricotta, I might, I repeat, I MIGHT, possibly take you seriously. I can’t take this festering excrescence seriously.

Whether you support pineapple pizza or despise pineapple pizza, we all need to put aside our differences to defeat this wicked abomination. See, this is the slippery slope of what happens when you accept pineapple pizza and the corrosion of society slowly takes hold. One week it’s pineapples on pizza, the next week it’s pumpkin spice pizza, then it’s peas and mayonaise pizza, then it’s strawberry pizza. I’m unnerved to imagine what’s next. Watermelon pizza? Ice cream pizza? Candy corn pizza? Somehow, strawberries didn’t make the list of the worst pizza toppings.

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