Steve Wozniak Tells Steve-O What Price Bitcoin Will Reach And How Too Many People Are Getting Scammed With NFTs

Steve Wozniak Tells Steve-O Bitcoin Will Reach $100K And That Too Many People Are Getting Scammed With NFTs

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  • Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak recently joined Steve-O’s podcast
  • Woz gave said a lot of cryptocurrency consists of people being ripped off
  • However, Woz was bullish on Bitcoin, saying he predicts it will hit $100K

If you haven’t listened to any of Steve-O’s Wild Ride!, the show is set up in a tricked-out RV. Some past guests have included Tommy Lee, Rob Dyrdek, and many other interesting individuals.

Earlier this week Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak hopped in the RV to talk with Steve-O.

The two met while on Dancing with the Stars in 2009 and have been friends ever since. In the hour and a half conversation, the duo talks about everything from the relationship of Woz and Steve Jobs to Woz’s philosophy on how to live a happy life.

One of the most interesting views Woz shared were his thoughts on cryptocurrency and Bitcoin.

Steve Wozniak on Cryptocurrency and NFTs

First speaking broadly on cryptocurrency in general, Woz thinks crypto is being used to “rip people off” and scam individuals. He uses the example of someone who wants to start a cryptocurrency by hiring an engineer to create it and then getting a celebrity to back it.

He also groups NFTs into those views.

NFTs fall into that category too. The number of people getting ripped off on crypto and NFTs is just outrageous.

Steve Wozniak Bullish on Bitcoin

Woz doesn’t invest at all in the stock market. He actually says he’s never invested in the stock market in his life, nor has he used the Apple stock market app on the iPhone. Woz explains the reason is that it affects his overall happiness in life—there’s too much up and down worrying when it comes to monitoring stocks.

Woz has bought Bitcoin though, first acquiring it to play and experiment with buying stuff online, buying goods in other countries, finding and using ATMs, and more.

He believes Bitcoin is separate from the other cryptocurrencies out there. He calls Bitcoin “safe” because it’s the biggest one out there and is stable.

Woz then adds how Bitcoin has skyrocketed a couple of times when he’s owned it, selling off what he makes so he only has a little bit to still experiment with rather than having to manage it like a portfolio.

Here are his thoughts about the price of Bitcoin going up in the future.

Just recently, I think Bitcoin is going to go to $100,000. I don’t know where I get that feeling. I can’t put any mathematics to it. I just really feel it based on all the interest.

Woz did add at the very end he bought more Bitcoin to sit idly in his Coinbase wallet, but he’s not actively managing it.

Full Episode of Steve Wozniak on Steve-O’s Wild Ride!

Props to the interviewing skills by Steve-O and his cohost for getting Woz’s thoughts on crypto.

There are also a ton of other awesome stories in this interview, especially when Woz talks about Steves Jobs—the two first met when Steve Jobs was 16 years old!

Here is the full episode below.