Stone Cold Steve Austin Playing Video Games Is One Of This Year’s Funniest, Most Unexpected Memes

Stone Cold Steve Austin Playing Video Games Got Turned Into A Meme

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When it comes to the internet, you never know what topic or subject matter will trigger a great new meme.

For example, who would have ever imagined that WWE legend “Stone Cold” Steve Austin playing video games would (1) ever be a thing that actually happened, and (2) that the internet would take such an unexpected event and turn it into a glorious meme.

Because that is exactly what happened recently after Steve Austin had WWE star Cody Rhodes as a guest on his Broken Skull Sessions podcast.

During the “30 Second Shot Clock” (a rapid fire Q&A session), Austin asked Rhodes what the best Zelda game is. Cody answered “Ocarnina of Time, hands down.”

“No, dude, Breath of the Wild,” Austin responded.

“That’s a bold choice,” Rhodes shot back.

The unusual question from Austin stemmed from the fact that Cody Rhodes has publicly expressed his love for Zelda: Ocarina of Time on more than one occasion.

“Obviously it’s Ocarina of Time for Zelda,” Rhodes also told a fan during a panel at the wrestling fan convention Starrcast in 2021.

It was even brought up this year during a match during Wrestlemania 38 by announcer Corey Graves.

Cody Rhodes and the video game Ocarina of Time have become something of a running gag

Later on Twitter, just to take things even further, WWE shared a photo of Stone Cold Steve Austin playing the video game Breath of the Wild on the Nintendo Switch.

As anyone familiar with the internet is aware, a TV screen in a photo is one of the easiest things to immediately turn into a meme, which, of course, wrestling Twitter quickly jumped on with the question, “What game is Steve Austin playing during some Broken Skull Sessions downtime?”

And on and on it went